National Association of Young Auditors – Institute of Highers National Defence Studies
(Association Nationale des Auditeurs Jeunes de l’Institut des Hautes Etudes de la Défense Nationale)
First French youth association on defence & security issues

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Institute for Advanced Studies in National Defence (IHEDN)Because defence issues should not solely concern the armed forces, the Prime Minister has entrusted the Institute of Highers National Defence Studies with the mission to raise public awareness “in order to give in-depth information about national defence in its broadest meaning.”
To fulfil its mission, the Institute organises on an annual basis:

  • one nine-month national programme,
  • several one-month regional programmes opened to leading figures appointed by the Prime Minister,
  • various sessions on specific subjects.
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IHEDN Youth TrainingsIHEDN organises each year four kinds of youth training sessions throughout the French territory, including overseas territories:
  • Youth Seminars: For a week, a hundred students and professionals aged 20 to 30 gather in a boarding house and engage in awareness-raising activities about stakes and challenges of global defence.
  • Citizenship & National Cohesion Seminars: Social actors and young elected representatives from deprived areas engage in collective thinking sessions and propose measures to strengthen the sense of belonging to the nation.
  • Security & Defence Master degree Seminars: Postgraduate students completing their degree are provided with first-hand information and reflect on defence issues.
  • Grandes Ecoles Seminars: About a hundred students from military officer schools, from the main branches of the civil service, as well as from prestigious graduate engineering and business schools (grandes écoles), hold a debate on key current issues at stake in global defence.

Upon completion of one of those trainings, and provided they are under the age of 36, young auditors are welcomed within IHEDN National Association of Young Auditors / ANAJ-IHEDN.

ANAJ – IHEDN: First French Youth Association on Defence & Security IssuesANAJ-IHEDN, a network dedicated to defence & security issues, gathers now over 1.500 students and young professionals, elected representatives and non-profit organisations’ leaders.
Acknowledged as “Partner of the Citizen Reserve” by the Ministry of Defence, ANAJ-IHEDN aims at energising and combining the youth’s imaginative and fresh views about the global defence concept in its economic, civilian and military spheres.

Activities and eventsEvery year, ANAJ-IHEDN organises throughout France numerous events to build up its members’:

  • geopolitical and institutional culture;
  • economic and industrial culture;
  • knowledge of the security and defence area.

To this end, ANAJ-IHEDN organises yearly two dozen events:
  • Cherbourg, 13 December 2008: Visit of the Nuclear-Armed Submarine “Le Terrible”
  • Paris, 3 December 2008: Conference on “Public & Private Cooperation in the Fight Against Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing
  • Toulouse, 28 November 2008: Visit of the Airbus A380 assembling’s site
  • Paris, 5 November 2008: Conference on “For an Enlightened Catastrophism: What Future for our Planet?”
  • Le Bourget, 29 October 2008: Private visit of the Euronaval Show
  • Paris, 22 October 2008: Conference on “What Future for the French Defence?” In partnership with the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research
  • Paris, 11 October 2008: Visit of the exhibition “Centenary of the Military Aerospace industry
  • Lyon, 7 October 2008: Conference about the conflicting situation between Russia and Georgia
  • Roissy, 1 October 2008: Conference on “Id Fraud & Biometry: Facts, Perspectives, Recommendations.” In partnership with the SEE (Society of Electricity, Electronics and Information & Communication Technologies)
  • Neuilly, 6 September 2008: Conference on “French European Presidency – An Energy / Climate Priority.” In partnership with the JCEF (French Junior Chamber of Commerce) and the JE
  • St Malo, 12 July 2008: Visit of the “La Motte-Picquet” frigate
  • Toulouse, 24 June 2008: Conference on cyberthreats
  • Paris, 19 June 2008: Conference on “Globalisation/Relocations: Challenges & Solutions for the Aerospace & Defence Industry
  • Paris, 20 May 2008: Conference on “European Security & the Energy Issue.” In partnership with Europe-IHEDN

Institutional Relations
ANAJ-IHEDN is a key actor in a dense institutional and non-profit network. It is connected to:
  • the Ministry of Defence: Status of “Partner of the Citizen Reserve”
  • the Institute for Advanced Studies in National Defence: Auditors follow updating knowledge seminars
  • Union of the IHEDN Associations: Participation in the Reading Committee; Preparation of the Annual Auditors’ Forum; Publication of articles in the ”Défense” magazine.
  • IHEDN Regional Associations: Auditors take part in studies and events.
  • IHEDN Senior Auditor’s Association: Attendance of breakfast meetings organised by the “Economy & Defence” Commission.
  • Western European Union (WEO): Attendance of Parliamentary Assembly debates.
  • The Youth-Military Commission: Auditors take part in its working groups


…Values in-depth thinkingANAJ-IHEDN is divided into several working committees where young people meet, share and develop their expertise according to their centres of interests. Both think tanks and cluster of events, these intellectual crucibles are useful  as stepping stones for young auditors’ professional career or intellectual path.

…Constitutes a regional networkRegional delegates represent the young people in their IHEDN Regional Association, dedicated to the more mature members of the IHEDN.
ANAJ-IHEDN experienced members provide guidance in the organisation of local events regarding finance, logistics, and national rallying in order to ensure their success.

…Promotes A European Youth Network
Since 1996
, ANAJ-IHEDN has expanded and actively worked to set up a large gathering of young Europeans to promote the global defence concepts which ANAJ prizes.
For the ANAJ-IHEDN 10th anniversary on December 8, 2006, a European network was officially launched at a ceremony at the Hôtel Matignon. The Portuguese organisation Decide attended the event. It was the first step towards the creation of a European Defence Platform.

….Rests upon information sharingANAJ-IHEDN networks more than 1.500 students and young professionals worldwide thanks to:

  • a website: www.anaj-ihedn.org
  • a mailing list: “lien-anaj”
  • a monthly conference mailing list: “Info Défense”
  • a directory.

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